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Spirit Animal

  Your power animal is a spirit animal of the dream world that supports and inspires. Ice Age animal totems are Indian symbols of your spirit animal.  

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To the Early Native North American Indian of the Paleo and Archaic periods, there is evidence that suggests that they believed animals to be reflections of their own deep inner feelings and tendencies. In a very real way this is true. We ourselves are animals. Being smarter does not exclude us. But unlike animals, evolution gave us an enlarged cerebral cortex so that we can experience empathy. 


126.  Honey Look Bear

  Favus simus

Animal Spirit Bear


Short-Faced Bears of the Late Pleistocene apparently favored honey as well. The bottom of the honey-combed fossil coral headstone had been chipped out by the early Native American Indian artist to seat perfectly on the fossil-ridden body. The raised "front legs" are natural creases in the stone. Honey-combed fossil coral and crinoid bead-laden jasper of golden honey color, 2 parts. 6.4"H; 903 gm  $775

Animal Spirit Bear






Top view


In Buddhist and Hindu belief systems it is quite possible to be reborn as an animal, which is usually considered a lower rebirth. But this is not to say Hindus and Buddhists don't respect animals - on the contrary. We should respect and take clues from our sentient cousins. As evolution has proven time and again, we are kindred. Also, we are all of this Mother planet and must endure the agonies of birth, hunger, early peer-pressure, heartbreak, separation of limb and loved ones, then old age, sickness and death.


127.  Everywhere Eyes Eagle

  Oculatus undique Accipiter

       Animal Spirit Hawk

Like most of our finds, the headstone gives the figure away: Note the spooky pair of eyes observing the observer. This hawk was looking up at us when we first saw it.  Light brown jasper, 3 parts. 5.625"L x 4.25"H; 570 gm  $1500 


Animal Spirit Hawk






 Top view with tail lying flat

On a positive side, this understanding springs forth a fountain of compassion not only for ourselves, but also for all who share this beautiful planet with us. If compassion is genuine, it springs forth bliss - not self righteous pleasure - but a deep-seated peace in the abandonment of physical and mental pre-occupations.


125.  Spirit Run 

  Phasma Equinus

  Animal Spirit Horse

  This beautiful amethyst spirit animal washed out of the last Spoon River flood and was one of the last figurines we recovered. The site is no longer accessible and any remaining figures are likely non-retrievable. It's not immediately visible in this photo, but there is a white crystal "eye" at the appropriate location on the head. Because of aging and patina, the plum-colored granite tail has yellowed slightly.      Amethyst quartzite w plum granite tail, 3 parts. 7.25"L x 4.125"H; 1092 gm  $3900   

Top view -  Note Crystal "eye"  

Animal Spirit Horse

We humans have depended on animals ever since we dropped out of the trees. For the past 2 million plus years they have fed and clothed us. We have even made companions of them in the form of pets and now live side-by-side with them on farms.


128.  Ghost Turtle 

  Phasma Turtur

Animal Spirit Turtle Animals that can pass through the veils  of the elements - from water to earth, or earth to sky were considered sacred to Paleo and Archaic Indian. Turtles and Frogs are such animals - they can survive land and under water for short periods. More turtles can be found on this site on the Links page under Figurine Index.

 White flint w chalcedony geode, 7 parts. 7.0"L, 685 gm  $7500 

Animal Spirit Turtle

So it is of no surprise that they are companions in the spirit world as well. In truth of fact, and in many ways, animals guide our destinations - physically and in the spirit world: Because of your pet, you now have a soft spot in your heart for all of its kind and this opens to a broader experience.


129.  Lil' Possum

  Nocturnus feles

Spirirt Animal - OpposumSpirirt Animal - Opposum

Or "Night Cat" in Latin - North America's only surviving marsupial. Though not necessarily considered a spirit animal by most, opossums are definitely of the night world. We used to have several outdoor cats we fed in a shed and Delores would go out in the evening and occasionally encounter one of these gentle creatures stealing cat food. But caution should be observed, opossums don't always play dead when confronted: they will hiss a warning and have very sharp teeth. They can defend themselves if cornered or frighten. Milky quartz crystal with yellow patina, 2 parts. 2.0"L x 2,25"H; 106 gm  $275  SOLD to Ken

We do not choose our animal spirit. Our spirit animal chooses us. Your specific spirit animal will come to you in a real dream - not a daydream - and it usually happens in a dream that is disturbing. Many times the spirit animal will be the cause of the distress and provokes us to do or change something in our lives.


130.  Charging Buffalo

  Decursus Taurinus

  Spirirt Animal - Buffalo  


This stone perplexed me at first: I was looking for a camel's body stone. Delores noted that it looked a lot like a bison and we had found the horns to match earlier near its recovery site. Note ancient chip mark to separate the head from the front leg. The bison's beard hangs in the heads shadow.

 Carmel jasper w white flint horns, 2 parts. 4.75"L x 3.25"H; 442 gm  $5500 



Side viewSpirirt Animal - Buffalo


Spirirt Animal - Buffalo

 Top view


The neck - where stone was worked.

Sometimes our spirit animal comes to us in waking life. For example, in the writings of Carlos Castaneda, he reveals that his spirit guide is a lowly gnat, yet Carlos becomes a powerful but benevolent sorcerer of the Yaqui Indian tradition. The pesky gnat on the nose revealed to Carlos what he had to transcend. In his enhanced perceptual state, Carlos saw the tiny gnat as a giant, horrible monster. It was a fear of his own manufacture - even though up close gnats is ugly.


Speaking Owl (Noctua verax), author's personal collection; found 2002 on Hilltop site 2601.112.  Whispering Owl

Noctua verax


This was one of my favorite figurines recovered from site 2601. The angle in this photo doesn't show both of the owl's eyes but you can see its bulbous nose which gives it a human quality. He is turning his head as owls do. The foreground wing, claw clutching fallen prey, and folded-under tail feathers give the figure a realistic appearance.  It has the feel of being handled a very long time ago and the patina reveals it was buried nearly as long. For more Owls, see Medicine Man. $275 

A more simplistic example comes from the movie The White Buffalo. In the 1977 movie, Charles Bronson's character Wild Bill Hickok was plagued by a menacing white buffalo in his dreams which could only be resolved - by of course - facing the charging demon.


Swooping Thunderbird, front. Thunderbirds may have been worshiped or at least respected by Native Americans from the Paleo Indian Period up to present.


88.  Swooping Thunderbird 

  Argentavis magnificens

This figure resembles an extinct giant bird - most likely an Native American Indian Thunderbird - a Teratorn from the Pleistocene with a beak like that of a condor.



Front view

Swooping Thunderbird, side. Giant birds of Native American lore reflected in their totem statues may be residual expressions of these Ice Age Paleo Indian thunderbird figurines! Note that both wings butt right up to the body stone at the appropriate angle. The Indian thunderbirds body stone where its left extended leg (with open talons) join was chipped (bottom foreground in left photo) to hold up its open talon as if to snatch its prey - the only place where the figure was worked. Here in the photograph it fell down just before I unwittingly snapped the photo. Honey jasper, 7 parts. 5.0"h x 8.0" w; 1531 gm  $3900 


Side view

Often times events in our waking lives will trigger the release of the animal spirit guide in a dream that we lock away from our waking consciousness. That dog that bit you when you were three years old may be the cause of a reoccurring nightmare in where you are being chased by a pack of angry wolves. In all likelihood your spirit animal is the wolf. But to gain his confidence, you must turn and face the pack in the dream with all the brilliance and calm courage you can muster. The trick is to know when you are dreaming.


Spirirt Animal - Electra Bird

121.  Electra Bird

Avis torpedo

This electric figurine (torpedo in Latin actually means "electric") has an iron oxide "beak". These parts were collected from the same spot between 1999 to 2002. Rub stones together in the dark (with Safety glasses to avoid stone dust in eyes) and they produce sparks within the stones known as piezoelectric effect. Metaquartzite crystal with pale yellow milky (Creamy) patina - piezoelectric, 3 parts. 6.75"L; 969 gm  $825 



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