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Prehistoric Venus statuette

Prehistoric Venus



Recently discovered: A Yab Yum figurine set !

Prehistoric Stone Age statuettes portraying seductive Venuses and exotic medicine men figurines and artifacts in a Native American Indian archeological site!

Updated with New Stuff: 05/14/2017

In this Chapter:

The Goddess

Esoteric Eroticism: Throughout the ages, man has attributed stones with holes in them to be symbolic of the mystical qualities of woman. It appears some of the River Owl men were no exception. Likewise, stones with mammary-like protuberances were also not discarded when found. This is a fundamental and universal curiosity, not a perverted preoccupation.

Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess
Rear view Front view Side view
Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess
The stones almost flow ecstatically into each other.                Male: 7"H, 1575 gm + Female: 3.375"H, 489 gm = Total: 8"H, 2064 gm
Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess

The female head is a crystalline filled geode that has had one eye and mouth widened.

132.  YAB - YUM

The co-emergence of the male and female aspects of our being completes us - all men have a feminine side and all woman have a masculine side. The traditional Yab-Yum of Eastern philosophy (termed Vajrasattva and Consort in Buddhist iconology) is an ancient and physical representation of this concept. These two figurines were recovered together in 2007 and at first thought to be two separate artifacts. It was the expressions on their faces that led me to believe these two belonged together. This set is very stable as all stones are nearly flush with each other. Ebony chalcedony and caramel jasper. Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess

The male head has a chipped neck to seat on body. The mouth and right eye are natural depressions, left eye is a discoloration in the stone.


Somewhere in the primal seas of a young planet Earth 3.3 billion years ago, a tiny fast-moving cell joined with a large, slow-moving cell: The tiny cell found refuge within the large cell making the larger more energetic.

Prehistoric Ice Age Venus figurines, or stone Indian love goddess statuettes, also exist in North America!62.  Cloud Woman

Femella nebula

This chalcedony seductress looks as if she is about to lilt into the air. Hair tied up in a bun, she blushes back over her shoulder with erect nipple. A blue and white botryoidal cavity forms an engagingly open yoni between her "legs" which can be seen from behind and while she is lying on her "back". I found the base stone when it washed out from the hill in 1998 and it was so beautiful, I kept it as a paper weight. In 2002 I found Cloud Woman. Any man who found this Venus stone would not want to through it away.Cloud Woman. For many, it is difficult to believe that prehistoric Native American Indians could find sensual delight in stone Venus representations such as what we have discovered at site 2601.her head at the same spot and the base stone took on a whole different dimension. There are two fossil coral (Heliolites) imprints from the Devonian Period on her far side. Silky smooth, pure chalcedony; pearly white w pale blue highlights and iron-oxide age spots from long-term burial ~ very sensual, 2 parts; horizontal or vertical orientation. 6.3”h; 830 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

This motility was the invention of sex and the partnership that developed has been an overwhelming hit ever sense. Especially since the mere act is rewarded with the sweet taste of co-emergent bliss - reflecting the origin our very being. This sparkling experience of sensual engagement has been embellished with attributes that have become increasingly expressive with the generation of each new species.

Dancing Woman. The stones of this prehistoric Venus statuette stack in a straight vertical line.Dancing Woman. Stone Age love goddess statuettes are also found in some Native American Indian archeological sites!Dancing Woman. Her breasts may be made of prehistoric stone, but their contour suggests a young woman caught up in the undulation of rhythmic motion. Her ample hips and flat buttocks well out to the classical shape of a youthful Venus.

87.  Dancing Woman

Femella saltatrix

Dancing is a human expression of happiness (and sometimes agitation). Breasts swaying with the chant, this beautiful figure seems to glide towards the viewer. Olive green Pennsylvanian Period glacial slate. 8.5"h; 1257 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

By 12,000 years ago the River Owl man was probably like any other stone age men around the world and expressed his sexual feelings by first dancing, usually in file with others. There were rituals for birth, puberty, marriage and initiations, which is probably when they danced most.

64. Joyful Woman

Femella genialisJoyful Woman. Prehistoric Ice Age Venus figurines also exist in North America!Joyful Woman. This is one set of hot rocks. Stone Age Indian love goddess statuettes are also found in some Native American archeological sites!

The unfathomable mystery that is woman becomes the human race. Ecstasy is not for the timid. This ancient Love Goddess dwells on the pinnacle of sexual bliss welling-up into a rising blush. Her jaw is locked open. Her open yoni, coated with super-fine clear-quartz crystals, sparkle glistening-wet with arousal. Sex creates more clan members thus prosperity. It engages Joyful Woman. Though this prehistoric Venus figurine is a bit abstract, she has a yoni with clear quartz crystals that sparkle as if glistening wet.all senses, heightening awareness. Some forms of shamanism as a reflective discipline holds sex as a sacred act – offering a taste of a broader and deeper state-of-being. Stacked wet. Milk and honey chalcedony hips w crystal-coated botryoidal yoni/Butterscotch jasper breasts/Caramel jasper head, 3 parts. 6.5”h; 905 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

Goddess (Venus) worship has ancestral roots at the beginning of our civilization. But Venuses were not just worshipped for their beauty. The modern notion of "beauty" is based on criteria conditioned by selective objectivity (as impressionable teenagers, advertising tell us what beautiful is - symmetry being considered ideal).

Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess

Large Woman

At one time, large figures stood in what is now corn and bean fields of the Midwest, painstakingly removed by 19th century farmers. Not knowing, or even caring what they were, have long since become chimney stones or piles of rubble.

This figurine was discovered by Connie Laws and Jason Case from Ohio.

"We found what we originally thought was a fish effigy. Its about 2 1\2 ft tall. We first took notice of the edges of the rocks. They appeared to be tooled. Once we put all 3 rocks together we thought it was of a woman with her hands out like she was offering something or praying."

Venuses on the other hand, were worshipped for their overall womanhood and how she handled herself in general. Stone Age woman was more sophisticated than many of us imagined: She wove fine plant fibers and made soft textiles for clothing.

Fire Belly Woman. A Native American Paleo Indian male obviously first collected this contorted prehistoric Ice Age Venus figurine because to a man, nothing is more beautiful than a woman in ecstatic bliss.95.  Fire Belly Woman  

Femella succendo uterus

This one is really eye-catching for two major reasons. One, she has a crystal eye - long gone cloudy with age and sandy soil. Two, her spine coils her into an arc as every muscle in her body tightens for the release. Her eyes squint and go vacant as her lower lip droops to the left side of her face as if to utter a groan from deep within her soul. Large breasts hanging off to the sides of her ribcage, tightened stomach muscles and twisted pelvis - poses her in such a way that only a man who has been with a woman at peak experience understands. Olive/cinnamon swirl jasper w crystal eye (There is a smooth semi-clear olive quartz "pillow" under her breast stone found with the figure), 4 parts; horizontal and vertical orientation. 3.0"h x 5.3"L; 472 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

"They designed string skirts, slung low on the hips or belted up on the waist, which artfully revealed at least as much as they concealed. They wove elaborate caps and snoods for the head, and bandeaux for the chest -- a series of straps that amounted to a cupless brassiere."[1]

Heart-Felt Woman. A casting of prehistoric Venus love stones.65. Heart-Felt Woman

Femella ardor cor cordis


Since I couldn't stack any of these pieces, I went horizontal: This art went together like a jig-saw puzzle, but what came out stirred my soul. In many early societies the casting of stones and how they fell foretold fortune. This is probably where the game of craps originated. Here, these Ice Age Venus stones lay out the figure of a woman with red heart and yoni stones and for the holder, may have preempted fate for success in love. Cinnamon jasper w red jasper heart and blush jasper yoni (close-up below), 8 parts; horizontal orientation. 8.0L; 598 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

In many ways Woman is the primal sex, in-tuned with the moon and tides. It's little wonder that the wonder of woman has generally been ignored for the past thousands of years. Woman is why man strives for wealth, yet we men tend to think we are the center of any social situation. But we're not - the Mother principle is always central - and at the core of our very being.

Harvest Woman. This prehistoric Ice Age Venus figurine is composed of a one-of-a-kind material, a new classification of stone we named “Salsa Chalcedony”.71.  Harvest Woman

Femella messis

The stones of this red, yellow and green (Salsa) chalcedony (a new classification of stone that we named) crop fertility figurine have been heavily handled.  This idol may have been used to appease the spirits to bring forth good harvest. Though all 3 stones have all 3 colors, the color proportions vary: The reddish rootstalk-shaped hips (with oily sheen patina), the angle of the green foliage-like breasts, and the yellowish-white kernel-shaped head, all suggests the clan may have harvested or collected early corn (teosinte). Wait a minute. Corn cultivation isn’t supposed to happen until the Mississippian Indian period 1,200 years ago. But in 13 years we've found few Mississippian points nearby. In any case, early autumn colors must have signaled the clan to migrate south. Head also resembles shelled hazelnut, which still grows around here. The tip of her left breast is missing. Salsa chalcedony w original "sheen" patina, 3 parts. 5.3”h; 412 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

The prehistoric Venus figurines here are a striking examples of how important a role sex played in Stone Age life. There are other examples [2] of stone age erotica and prehistoric Venus figurines that have been discovered in Europe.

Moon Girl. Just being in the presence of this prehistoric Venus figurine is arousing.Moon Girl. Of the dozens of positions that humans can make love, this is the primal and one of the most enjoyable.Moon Girl. This stone Indian love goddess statuette fits together like a jig-saw puzzle.

96.  Moon Girl

Virgo luna

With playful smile, her hair (tied into a pony-tail) flies up as she swings down to flash her inheritance. Like most figurines in our find, it's the head stone that first gets our attention. At first, I thought it to be of a man and suspected it lay on its side. But the body stones would not stack or lay out into any form that made sense - other than the way they turned out. The head was chipped S-curved to fit right up to the body and the legs can only fit with the figure bending over. When I found the breast stone, it started to make sense. Did girls really do that back then? Note the details of the natural eye, ear and blush nose. Her mouth may have been chipped out by the ancient artisan. The red hair (which covers the scalp perfectly) and red yoni stone with its natural internal extension, as well as the head and torso, all fit like puzzle pieces. Ginger jasper w heavy alkali patina (especially on the head stone) and auburn chalcedony hair and yoni, 7 parts; horizontal orientation. 4.6"w x 5.0"tall (about 5" sq.); 472 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

But to the Shaman and the Tantric initiate of today, sexuality is still a predominate issue in the pursuit of enlightenment. If the energy we normally associate with passion is not allowed to drop into an ordinary localized orgasm and is guided upward, a "psychic charge" is created. (Please refer back to Medicine Man.)

63. Fang Tooth Hag

Anicula dentis

Fang Tooth Hag. As precariously as these prehistoric Ice Age stones appear to be stacked, once the “sweet spots” are found, this Venus figurine is quite stable.Despite the fact that this bug-eyed, snaggle-toothed woman could frighten away a bear, this fertility figure has a high sheen from being heavily handled which gives the surface a silky, sensual feel. Throughout many mythologies the old hag appears to tFang Tooth Hag. This jasper stone Indian love goddess figurine has a head that is shaped like a mask. The backside is hollow and colored red. It must have fluttered in the river flow during the Ice Age flood giving it the face you now see.he seeker of knowledge early in his quest. She symbolizes the first opportunity for enlightenment: This feminine principle manifests in the least attractive form to beginners to sort out the weak of heart and less compassionate. The head stone is hollow in back as if it were a red-lined mask (all appearance is an illusion). It rests in a natural recess on the breast stone, suggesting the two rocks were river-ground and polished together, her head fluttering in the current. She somehow got pregnant because her breasts are supple and full. Her bellybutton, filled with tiny clear-quartz crystals, peeks just above her half-fallen skirt. This ridge and crystal cluster suggest a sparkling seed inside her protruding belly (the birth of awakening). This figure is at first difficult to stack, but once the proper placement is found it's very stable. High-sheen Caramel blush jasper w crystal bellybutton, 3 parts. 5.5”h; 450 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

Sublimation of the sex drive is not the answer. That is just postponing the inevitable. It is the arousal and transmutation of sexual energy - the force that brought us here - that transcends the mundane and brings us back to the pure source of enlightenment. At the onset of puberty with our first orgasm this force dropped from the crown region and expressed itself in the genitals. At the moment of death (or at the threshold of enlightenment), this energy once again has the opportunity to rise above (or sink deeper into) rebirth.

Rising Moon Girl. Pregnant Venus with the rising harvest moon for a head.Rising Moon Girl. Pregnant stone Indian love goddess figurine.Rising Moon Girl. Prehistoric pocket-sized Ice Age Venus statuette.

119.  Rising Moon Girl

Virgo circumsurgens luna

For some time, these two stones sat separately on my bookshelf mostly because they were found together but more importantly, stones from site 2601B, generally speaking, are rare. So even though this may be considered an abstract, I decided to publish this free-standing figure anyway. Her breasts extend to her sides and there is a cute pregnant belly with a navel. This pregnant Venus has a rising harvest moon for a head. And the moon stone is grooved so fits on top of this female torso stone which stands upright and conveys a universal concept. Jasper body with a pale yellow quartz crystal head ground round and smooth by the river. 2 parts. 2.6" H; 69 gm.   $750  OBO  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net


Yoni Charms

Like the alchemist philosopher's stone is used to transmute the base metal lead into gold, magical yoni stones (symbols of universal origin and mother principle), may have been used to transmute passion into enlightenment. Also review #11 Medicine Woman.

Female Yoni and Nipple Charms


Female Charms. Stones that resemble female body parts could not be easily discarded, even by contemporary men. These beautiful prehistoric Ice Age Venus love stones are sensual to the touch and small enough to carry on person.

66.                              65.                                        68.

Clockwise from left to right:

66. Blushing Virgin:  This free-standing hematite yoni charm is smooth from handling and heavy in weight for its size (hematite is a high-grade iron ore), this sensual rock was too unique to have been used as a tool and was valued more for its symbolic value. Bright red hematite, 2.0”h; 60 gm

Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

67. Two Wives:   This silky smooth and very rare golden chalcedony yoni charm is a sensual delight to behold. The top yoni with open lips contains glistening smoky citrine crystals (dark opening), the bottom yoni just below that holds a botryoidal habit. Both realistic yonis can be seen on the right side of the stone above. There are also 2 realisticTwo Wives nipple. Even though men have them, a woman’s is far more interesting. nipples on the stone; a distorted one in the left foreground of the above image; and on the other side a full nipple with the stone's contour forming the areola shown in the right photo. A very sexy rock. 1.8”h; 56 gm

65.  Lower center goes to Heart-Felt Woman above)

More Yoni Stones ...

68. Itchy Nipple:  Free-standing Lavender sandstone resembles a nursing teat that has been worn smooth from rubbing around the nipple. 2.0”w; 53 gm

Love stones may have been used as charms to increase the likelihood of fathering more children – an asset in the Stone-Age. Love stones or charms are also used in mild sects of Wicca wherein sexual energy is extended beyond oneself. For example, a suitor might cast a spell by secretly planting an empowered stone on or close to a potential lover.

Yoni Stone, facing left. This Native American Indian prehistoric Venus love rock was found near a Spoon River archeological site.Yoni Stone. Up close in bright sunlight, the glistening quartz crystals around the opening make this prehistoric Venus love rock look like the real thing.Yoni Stone, facing right. Note ancient pine pitch deposits. Prehistoric Ice Age Venus figurines, or stone Indian love goddess statuettes, also exist in North America!

135.  Yoni Stone

Vulva crystallus

This ancient love charm with residual traces of pine pitch adhesive on the rear and one side (right photo) suggest it may have been cemented into a wood carving of a life-size fertility goddess. Or it could have been a personal hand tool. The bubble-like botryoidal habit of the cavity with a glistening clear quartz crystal ring surrounded by blush red jasper looks remarkably like the real thing. Photo doesn't do it justice. (I custom made the base fitted to this piece, the paper tag corner shown is just an info sheet and doesn't help hold it to the base.) There are no sharp edges on this stone. We recovered this beautiful smooth beige chert relic from the old Giles Sailor farm on the Spoon River near Dahinda, IL in April 1999. 4.5"h  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

Yoni Charms may have also been used as stimuli to provoke restrained sexual energies for spiritual pursuits. Such practices are used in Buddhist Tantra and Chinese Taoism even today, although it be based on more specific symbolism and visualizations. Passion is deliberately provoked then the energy is guided to a higher plateau.

Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess Frontal view     Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric goddess Side view

134.  Mothers Milk

lactans bimatris

This beautiful stone is made of what appears to be polished black chalcedony - which has never before been seen or identified to my knowledge. It is marbled with milky quartz producing what appears to be milk on the "nipple". This left breast-shaped stone has a very sensual feel. I found this near the Spoon River on the old Glen Kneer farm before it was sold and flooded for a private recreational resort. 32 gm (1 oz); 1.5"L  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net


Lingham Charms

Lingham charms may have been used to display male vitality and in some cases a woman may temporarily hold such objects in possession at night while sleeping to persuade the ancestors or gods to help her bear children or to bring her a son. It has been only recently - since the Victorian-Age - that such symbols were frowned upon in many social circles (probably a good thing considering the bulging world population).

Father of Men. Even contemporary women find this prehistorc figurine delightful because it depicts the comical concept that we men often let our little head do the thinking for us.

10. Father of Men

Genitorovis homo

The "head" on this sparkling lingham charm looks as if it had been carved or worked, but this is a naturally formed stone originally found by the clan in the river. This expressive lingham even has "war paint" which turns out to be the natural coloration within the stone. Gritstone, a sparkling form of sandstone, was prized by early man to work wood and smooth the ends of atlatl spears. We've found a flat gritstone sanding block with divots attesting to being used to terminate lances (and possibly to keep fingernails filed down). In the sun, these sparkling (Note whites specks.) olive-green gritstone pieces show no signs of such use suggesting it was prized even more highly for its symbolism, 2 parts. 4.3”L; 211 gm  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

Sexual potency also means more lucid dreams to the esoteric initiate. The more potency one has, the longer one can stay with the lucid dream and use it to attain ones specific goals, be it solving a technical problem, conquering a habit or fear, or even attaining enlightenment while "asleep" in the lucid state.

133.  Little Dorje

Homunico lingham

Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric Lingham charmIce Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric Lingham charmIce Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric Lingham charm

 Top View, free-standing

This amusing little stone was picked up by Delores. This is a Free-Standing artifact. It is very smooth and well polished from much handling and possible use. 3”L x 2.8"H; 237 gm  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

This is because in the lucid dream state, one is aware that one is lying on his bed and dreaming, all the while performing feats not possible in the waking state (and anyone can learn to do this). Basically, a sexual charge lengthens ones attention span.

Little Big Man. The main stone of this prehistoric Native American Indian lingham figurine also resembles a pointing finger. The head stone, with quite a high spirited expression on its face, also resembles a second testicle.9.  Little Big Man

Homunico lingham grandis


The head stone of this free-standing prehistoric statuette has an uncanny resemblance to a Native American male with a facial expression of dogged determination. Was probably a male vitality idol to help bring many sons. Highly polished from ancient handling. Coffee bean jasper, 2 parts. 3.8” long – no lie; 266 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

Waking life obviously influences dream life. But the flip can also be true wherein lucid dreaming can affect waking life. Consider this: A common dream which often starts in childhood is the dream of flying. Interestingly, the "floating butterfly" effect in the lower abdomen or the naval energy center located three fingers below the belly button ("Tan Tein" in Chinese Taoism; the third or "power" chakra in Hinduism; and the center of gravity for the human body) when one is dream-flying is the same feeling one gets when taking off in an airplane, free-falling, or weightless in space.

Ice Age stone Venus figurines, prehistoric Lingham charm

124.  Squat Round

Exiguus nucleus


This lingham charm was found just southwest of site 2601C where the river had washed the site as it was going back down after the 2009 flooding. 1 part. 3.7” h; 319 gm   Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

I still use a technique I employed as a teenager: When dreaming and not sure that I can fly, I will jump up in my dream and see if I float down. If I do, I know that I am dreaming and will engage myself in dream flying, visiting all the scenery and vistas that encompasses our collective imaginations and experiences.

Red Eye Copperhead. A prehistoric Native American Indian warning to the young - or the original Halloween prankster prop.118.  Red Eye Copperhead

Agkistrodon spp. pupula curalium

There is nothing more unsettling then stepping on or near a copperhead or cottonmouth snake. As a warning to the young, this horizontal figure could also startle the unawares. Copperhead, along Cottonmouths or "Water Moccasins" are notoriously aggressive and are often well-hidden from the weary traveler. Though the copperhead snake is venomous and its bite very painful, its bite is generally not deadly. The copperhead snake was originally named for the copper like coloration on the dorsal side of its head. The copperhead snake is chestnut colored and has bands that are either dark or brown. The size of an adult copperhead is 20 to 40 inches and young copperhead snakes can be recognized by the yellowish or greenish tip on their tails, and they are more grayish than adults.[3] The red jasper "eye" recovered nearby fits perfectly in the snakes headRed Eye Copperhead. With red eye. eye socket and the Red Eye Copperhead. Note how the prehistoric artist skilfully worked the eye to fit the socket.eye has been worked by the ancient artisan. there is no eye on the other side. The tail seems to be missing too and it may have been 2 or 3 pieces. Note head fits tongue-in-groove fashion with an "S" form to the first body stone. The second body stone has multiple arcs to position the viper in various sinister poses. The original Archaic Halloween prankster prop. Jasper eye was painstakingly worked by ancient artist. Head and body composed of drab-tan jasper. 5 parts. 15.0" L; 1057 gm  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

So lucid dreaming has a deep-reaching effect on ones life and sexual potency positively effects lucid dreaming for men and women. According to the Taoists, sexual potency can be maintained even while active with a sex partner and, along with a host of obvious benefits, may also lead to long life.[4] See Medicine Man.

To meld with the stinging sweetness of ageless bliss is the primordial pursuit of Life.

Exotic love (Venus or yoni) stones, lingham charms and prehistoric Venus figurines can be used to trigger an impulse within one in a positive way simply because of its symbolic property. Their symbolism may imply the existential experiences heightened by the simultaneous engagement of all the senses.

Man-in-Snake w Yoni. The symbolism here is multi-faceted.69. Man-in-Snake w Yoni

Vipera homo volutum

The third stone of the snake is the "head" of the man inside. The snake's stones fit together tongue-in-groove fashion forming this S-shape figurine and the tail is pointed up like some snakes do. The yoni stone was found with the snake stones posing a deep philosophical question. Did the clan believe in rebirth as some esoteric religions of the world do today? All "snake" stones are caramel jasper highlighted with black in-the-stone carbon facial features on the "man".  Found with the blush jasper yoni, 7 parts; horizontal orientation. 7.5”L; 229 gm  Interested parties email paleoart@centurylink.net

My interpretation of figure #69 Man-in-Snake w Yoni above, represents what happens when we are consumed by sexual desire and allow the energies to sink into rebirth.

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[1] Dr. Olga Soffer, http://www.unl.edu/rhames/courses/212/venus/venus_string.html

[2] http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/0,1518,350042,00.html

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[4] Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, Chia, Mantak. Aurora Press, Santa Fe, NM, 1984 also see companion book: Healing Love Through the Tao, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy, Chia, Mantak & Maneewan, Healing Tao Books, Huntington, NY, 1986 

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